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Nina Ricci perfume for women - Inspired by romantic fantasies

Nina Ricci perfume for women - Inspired by romantic fantasies

Nina Ricci perfume is made for the heroines of our time. The princesses of the 21st century are characterized by natural grace, undisguised beauty and magical attraction. They believe in love, love freedom and live their dreams. They transform the big city into a fairy tale forest in which they openly show their femininity and sensuality .

Nina Ricci perfume is mostly flowery and fruity, fresh and youthful, sometimes mysterious and a bit animalistic. The imaginative flacons always tell a mysterious, fairytale story . Who does not know them, the two filigree pigeons on the enchanting L'Air du Temps flacon or the gorgeous glass apple that is the unmistakable hallmark of Nina Ricci perfume in the Nina and Luna series?

Whether Cinderella or Snow White, whether Eva in Paradise or Alice in Wonderland - they are all godmothers for the delicate, sensual creations of Nina Ricci women's fragrances.

Nina Ricci - the storyteller among fashion designers

In 1895, at the age of twelve, Maria Nielli , who was born in Italy and everyone just called Nina, moved to France with her family. As a teenager, she was obsessed with tailoring. In Paris she married the jeweler Luigi Ricci and from then on called herself Nina Ricci . In 1932 she opened her own fashion label and, within a few years, made it one of the most successful companies in the world of haute couture with her enchantingly romantic creations . In 1946, her son Robert began developing perfume series for women for Nina Ricci , which was so luxurious and elegant, feminine and magical should be like his mother's noble designs.

The second Nina Ricci perfume that Robert Ricci created together with the perfumer Francis Fabron in 1948 became a classic: L'Air du Temps . The bottle alone, designed in collaboration with the Parisian crystal manufacturer Lalique , was celebrated by the press and became the icon of Nina Ricci perfumes.

L'Air du Temps - the classic with the dove motif

The message of the fairytale bottle with the two turtling pigeons is more topical than ever: the Nina Ricci perfume classic L'Air du Temps is an ode to peace, freedom and love . Just as the gold-interwoven dress transforms Cinderella into a regal bride, this sparkling yet soft floral scent envelops its wearer with nobility and femininity . L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci is a perfume for all women who have not yet given up the dream of eternal love.

The scent exudes the flowery aura of a fairytale garden :

Top note: gardenia, carnation

Base note: sandalwood, iris

Herznote: Rose, Jasmin

Nina and Luna, Les Belles des Nina - the beautiful sisters

Snow White's poisoned apple or Eva's forbidden fruit? Garden of Eden or Grimm's fairy tale? The unmistakable series with the apple bottle , which has been part of the Nina Ricci Parfums since 2007, has now been continued with Les Belles de Nina . Nina and Luna are inspired by two dissimilar sisters: both beautiful, both enchanting, one light, the other dark, closely connected and yet very different.

Nina is sensual, full of grace and as sparklingly beautiful as the bottle: a red apple with silver leaves nestling around it. The scent is flowery, girlish and charming :

Top note: lemon

Base note: apple tree, musk, cedar

Heart note: peony, green apple, praline

Luna is wild and brave, irresistible and mysterious like the blue apple with the powerful gold leaves. The scent is just as mysterious and a little oriental:

Top note: wild berries, orange blossom, lime, tangerine

Heart note: caramel, immortelle, jasmine, pear

Base note: sandalwood, vanilla, liquorice, white musk.

The new release from 2017, Luna Blossom , is hidden in an apple with an iridescent color gradient from pink to lilac and is just as magical as its sisters: a more delicate, flowery and fresh to citric fragrance, based on white flowers:

Top note: bergamot, pear;

Herznote: Jasmin, Pfingstrose, Magnolie

Base note: musk and cedar.

Premier Jour - a delicate promise

The name of this Nina Ricci perfume is inspired by intimate situations: exciting like the first day of an adventure, personal like a journal entry, innocent like a blank page, full of anticipation, like the moment before an exciting encounter. The Nina Ricci Perfume Premier Jour is delicate and subtle . The bottle is pure and clean, in a delicate nude tone with a silvery shimmering lid , a dance in perfect balance. The subtext for the so far simplest design among the Nina Ricci perfumes is “The body carries the spirit”. An airy, tingling and happy fragrance, as flattering as silk on bare skin :

Top note: mandarin orange, vetch

Herznote: Orchidee, Gardenie

Base note: sandalwood, musk, vanilla, woody notes

L'Extase Caresse de Roses - flowery seduction

Inspired by an intoxicating night of love, filled with the scent of roses and aphrodisiac aromas, L'Exstase Caresse de Roses is a breathtakingly sensual experience . Letitia Casta is the face of the campaign for this special creation from the Nina Ricci Parfums family for women, which can be bought online at low prices. Now there is also the lighter version Eau de Parfum Légère L'Extase Caresse de Roses . The flacon is a charming surprise: a delightful pink clutch with delicate gold chains - a reminiscence of Guillaume Henry's bracelet design for his first ready-to-wear collection for Nina Ricci. Velvet and metal, flattering eyes and fingers, anticipate the fragrance experience:

Top note: Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose

Heart note: violet, peony

Base note: white musk

Love in Paris - a trip to the city of love

The name says it all: Love in Paris takes you to the most beautiful of all cities and reminds you of a warm summer day - golden and magical, bright and warm . In its classic block shape, the bottle looks strong and solid like a diamond, with a gold band as a closure - as precious as the ties between two people. The scent of this Nina Ricci perfume awakens the longing for that incomparable feeling that you will never forget: being in love!

Top note: bergamot, star anise

Heart note: rose, peony

Base: musk, wood, vanilla

Mademoiselle - the fragrances for young city amazons!

The Nina Ricci perfume series Mademoiselle primarily appeals to young ladies , makes you want to party and flirt, sometimes cheeky, sometimes discreet. Her trademark is the large glass bow , which is girlishly playful and at the same time looks like a delicate promise . This Ninna Ricci perfume is now also available to buy cheaply. You can buy it online as well as cheaply in specialist shops.

Ricci Ricci

The most glamorous of the Mademoiselles is this Nina Ricci perfume, with a bow of dark pink . A terrace over the roofs of the city, twinkling lights, a sparkling encounter, the beginning of a passion . This fragrance exhilarates like music - fresh, sensual, elegant: Top note: rhubarb, fruit, bergamot Heart note: rose, tuberose Base note: sandalwood, patchouli. This perfume by Ninna Ricci can also be bought cheaply.

Mademoiselle Ricci

“Forever?” She asks when he declares his love - this Nina Ricci perfume for women is cheeky and irresistible . Nina Ricci Parfum can also be bought online without any problems. The bow shimmers in muted rosé and amber tones , feminine and elegant. The scent is floral and woody, multi-faceted, chic and also a little crazy: Top notes: wild rose, pink pepper, raspberry Heart notes: nerium oleander, rose hip, laurel Base notes: liriodendron, musk, amber, cedar, violet.

Mademoiselle Ricci L'Eau

With this Nina Ricci perfume a modern romance begins , enjoyable and tender. Even the loop of the bottle looks as flowing and light as it is made of pink silk, and the scent is just as rosy and fresh : Top note: jasmine Heart note: rose, peony Base note: woody notes, cedar, musk.

Nina Ricci Parfums - concentrated zeitgeist, fairytale fragrances

Just as stylishly as the fashion designer Nina Ricci was able to capture L'Air du Temps - the spirit of the times - the creators of Nina Ricci Parfums women of many generations have repeatedly captured the pulse of a new era. They have not forgotten the female longings: to be a princess or queen for a day or a night, stop time - which romantic woman doesn't want that? Nina Ricci perfumes enchant everyday life and awaken sensual dreams. In the limited luxury editions , many Nina Ricci perfumes are now coveted collector's itemsbecome. Look out for special offers that are cheap to buy. In many cases, the fragrances by Nina Ricci are available in trial sizes at affordable prices. Of course, all Nina Ricci perfumes can also be bought online.


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