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Marc Jacobs Parfum - Lively fragrances in unconventional compositions

Marc Jacobs Parfum - Lively fragrances in unconventional compositions

The lively fragrances by Marc Jacobs are as lively and colorful as the flacons The interplay of an unusually large number of scent notes gives them a carefree, modern charm. The idiosyncratic compositions fascinate with an abundance of delicate floral notes that whirl around as fresh as a dew on a sunny morning. A wide range of fruity-fresh aromas gives the perfumes lightness and energy . Warm and woody aromas provide elegance and sensuality.

The right fragrance for fascinating fashion

The American fashion label of the famous designer surprised its customers in 2001 with the launch of its first fragrance. The perfume, simply called Marc Jacobs , plays with floral and citrus notes, to which the spicy aromas of ginger and white pepper give a lot of modern appeal. The fragrance provided the company's fashion collection with a fragrance accent that was completely tailored to its character.

The Marc Jacobs brand can currently point to the launch of 73 magical perfumes . The wonderful flacons of Marc Jacobs Parfum for women have achieved cult status, starting with the Daisy fragrance line. Marc Jacobs Parfum is offered in a wide range online.

Star designer Marc Jacobs, born in New York in 1963, has been creating couture collections since 1984, which always attract a lot of attention at New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week . In addition to exciting women's fashion, the American's collections also include fashion lines for men and a colorful children's collection.

Seductive fruits with dewy flowers

Since 2001, new fragrances have been brought onto the market every year under the Marc Jacob Fragrances label. The striking flacons by Marc Jacobs Parfum are small works of art made of glass. The beguiling floral scents are hidden in small, colored glass flacons, which are decorated with magical stylized flowers or beetles depending on the character of the scent Marc Jacobs himself is involved in the design of the bottles for Marc Jacobs Parfum.

Decadence , the latest fragrance line from Marc Jacobs Parfum, goes one step further. The perfume line, which has been available since 2015, is presented in a bottle in the design of a playful women's handbag with a glamor retro look. Snakeskin look and golden chain actually have decadent charm and a lot of elegance.

The scents breathe the same atmosphere. An abundance of flowery notes harmonize with the juicy, slightly heavy aromas of ripe fruits. As is always the case with Marc Jacobs Parfum, which is sold online at low prices , woody notes and musk round off the elegant women's fragrance sensually.

Dancing flowers and sweet fruits

The fragrance lines from Marc Jacobs Parfum are lively and full of joie de vivre. They are not only cult among younger women The Internet offers a variety of ways to buy an exciting Marc Jacobs perfume online.

The first perfumes were presented under the simple name Marc Jacobs. From 2001 to 2007, six perfumes for women and one Marc Jacobs men's fragrance were launched in this line. The floral and citrus aromas of the women's perfumes are accompanied by strong, intense spicy notes of cardamom, cumin and ginger in the men's fragrance .

The Daisy collection with the Daisy, Daisy Dream, Daisy Eau So Fresh and Daisy Shine fragrances represents the largest part of the Marc Jacobs Parfum range. The fragrances of the Daisy rows in the bottles decorated with flowers are aimed exclusively at women. The individual perfumes are very thematic creations.

The Daisy Dream Forever fragrance is particularly enchanting The sky-blue bottle, decorated with stylized daisies in the same color, lets the dream of a sun-drenched summer morning and azure blue sky begin even before opening. The fragrance involves all the senses in the summer dream. Blackberry, grapefruit and pear let fine-tart garden scents flow in, which are intensified aromatic by jasmine, hyacinth and lychee.

The sensual fragrance line Decadence , presented since 2015, has achieved the same popularity as the Daisy collection in just a few years. The particularly elegant fragrance collection in a glamorous handbag flacon demonstrates pure self-confident femininity. Decadence, Decadence Eau So Decadent, Decadence Eight K Edition, Decadence Rouge Noir Edition and Divine Decadence are - each in their own way - beguilingly intense Marc Jacobs perfumes for female wearers.

The Decadence Eau So Dekadent , launched in 2017, is an oriental, floral fragrance that opens with pear, blackcurrant and ivy. Jasmine, lily of the valley and magnolia create fascinating floral magic, before raspberries, ambergris and cashmere wood add a good dose of glamor. A luxurious fragrance that interested parties, like all editions of Marc Jacobs Parfum, can buy cheaply.

Under the significant name Bang , the label launched Marc Jacobs Parfum for men in two fragrances in 2010 and 2011. While the silver scent , corresponding to the name of the perfume, fascinates with the concentrated power of spicy and woody notes, the blue version with lemon, musk and sandalwood takes on the more elegant part. The Internet offers the possibility to buy this elegant Marc Jacobs perfume.

Master perfumers for colorful, dreamy floral fragrances

The list of perfumers that the US designer was able to win over for his fragrance compositions is as colorful and varied as the Marc Jacobs perfume. 24 well-known perfumers were and are involved in the creation of Marc Jacobs fragrances. This made the fragrance editions just as diverse and international as the fashion collections of the couture label. The successful French perfumer Honorine Blanc composed the fruity unisex fragrance Pear from the Marc Jacobs Edition , naturally with intense notes of juicy, ripe pears in harmony with freesia, gin, juniper and musk.

Many Marc Jacobs fragrances feature Ann Gottlieb as a perfumer. Since 2010 she has repeatedly created wonderful fragrances for the cult label. Her scent Dot from the Daisy collection combines fruity red berry notes with the aromas of coconut, driftwood, vanilla and musk. The Marc Jacobs perfume is presented in a playful ladybug bottle.

Singing fragrances for every occasion

The lively, fun-loving perfumes by Marc Jacobs are primarily light, fresh fragrances. They adapt harmoniously to every wearer and every occasion. At work or in everyday life, the floral-fruity fragrances immediately put a smile on the face. They look subtly fresh and underline the modern self-confidence of the lady.

In the evening and on special occasions, the Decadence Edition is the best choice. Its fascinatingly sensual fragrance exudes an atmosphere of elegance, glamor and luxury.


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