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Kilian products exude perfect luxury

Kilian products exude perfect luxury

Luxury is timeless. Luxury is an image of the divine on earth. Luxury is what distinguishes Kilian products and what they surround the wearer with. Kilian products create unique fragrances from purely natural raw materials . Unmistakable fragrances that combine the classic art of perfumery with modern fragrance lines. This creates opulent scents, sometimes explosive, sometimes dreamy, but always paired with a strong portion of seduction. Kilian products are cheap for perfume lovers who are outside the mainstreamwant to look for a fragrance that emphasizes a character trait or a special mood in an inimitable way. Kilian perfumes are true works of art that only develop into full beauty on your own skin. Many Kilian perfumes are suitable for women and men, but where they have different effects. The uniqueness, the naturalness of Kilian products is a special luxury that illuminates the soul and gives it new strength. If you want to combine this luxury with low prices, you should buy Kilian products online.

From cognac to fragrance

The brand is founded by Kilian Hennessy , the successor to a nine-generation line of entrepreneurs. Richard Hennessy founded Hennessy Cognac in 1765. Within five generations, the family developed the company into the world's most successful cognac manufacturer. Kilian Hennessy's grandfather owned the company in the LVMH group - Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton - under whose banner some of the world's most important fashion and luxury companies operate today.

However, it was clear to Kilian Hennessy early on that he would have to go his own way in order to create something that he would be proud of himself. During his thesis in communication, marketing and semantics at the University of Paris-Sorbonne , he did an internship at the perfume manufacturer Kenzo by chance and interviewed Jacques Cavallier, who designed perfumes for Jean Paul Gaultier and Miyake. Hennessy was immediately fascinated by the world of fragrances, and he devoted himself to years of study of fragrances.He learned from the best perfumers of his time, alongside Cavallier also Thierry Wasser, who later took over the management of Guerlain fragrances. He spent nights studying the makeup of perfume classics and improving his ability to distinguish fragrances. Kilian started an extremely successful career as a perfumer , working for Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Giorgio Armani and Alexander McQueen. But he increasingly found the process of creating perfumes for designer brands frustrating because he couldn't do enough for himself. He dreamed of creating perfumes as works of art again. In 2007 Kilian Hennessy founded his own perfume brand, which is entirely dedicated to the art of perfumery. Kilian's perfumes and other products are available in the online shop.

Kilian – Intoxicated

With notes of Turkish coffee, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and caramel, this scent of Kilian products provides a strong start. The perfume starts out a bit fruity, but coffee notes and spices immediately emphasize the attractive effect . The caramel note provides warming sweetness. Intoxicated almost slams into the silence, casts a spell and never lets go. The unique combination of coffee and spices is reminiscent of the coffee tradition of the Arab world. This is a warming, invigorating coffee scent that seduces with its sweetness and appears infinitely deep. Due to the strong sillage and the high durability, a small splash of the precious perfume is enough to spend the whole day in a high feeling.

Kilian - Light My Fire

A start from leather, almond, marzipan and tobacco ignites the first fire of this opulent perfume from the range of Kilian products. Then spices, herbaceous notes and flowers unfold their fragrance, before the seductive base with tonka bean and vanilla deepen the passion. The scent course does not follow a regular scent pyramid , and the notes mix differently on every woman and every man. Light My Fire is a fragrance that combines nuances of tobacco leaf, cumin, hay, patchouli, vetiver, honey-sweet flowers, vanilla, almond, white heliotrope, tonka bean and birch wood in high-class craftsmanship into a perfume that is ideal for mysterious summer partiesremembered in the garden. Fine cigar smoke wafts through the warm air, trees, hay and flowers smell beguiling, the spark can jump over at any time.

Kilian - Moonlight in Heaven

This fragrance, which like all Kilian products can be purchased online, is a fruity unisex perfume . The top note of lemon, pink pepper and grapefruit is subtly tangy, like refreshing water. The heart notes of mango, jasmine sambac, coconut milk and rice whisk you away to tropical regions. In the warm air, the sweet, fruity scent of mango mixes with the delicious aroma of coconut milk and jasmine rice. In the base note, vetiver adds soft earthy notes and tonka bean a creamy warmth. This exotic scent brings back memories of vacation trips to Asia , after relaxing days by the sea and culinary delights.

Kilian - Smoke for the Soul

The woody scent of Kilian is a surprising, varied scent that does not have a conventional scent course. Eucalyptus, grapefruit, cardamom, thyme, fir balsam, mate tea, marigolds, tobacco, birch and cashmere wood form compounds that lead to unusual fragrance experiences . As a whole, Smoke for the Soul is one of the classic men's fragrances , and yet it is independent. The scent of Kilian products is reminiscent of a damp forest, with clearings, lush grass and places where fragrant herbs grow.

Luxury in the packaging too

The packaging of Kilian products is particularly complex. Each bottle is a small work of art that underlines the character of the respective perfume. Because these bottles are of such high quality, they will last a lifetime. Every Kilian perfume is refillable. Kilian Hennessy got the idea for these luxurious bottles when he saw an exhibition of the Baccarat crystal manufactory . The bottles shown there were so elaborately designed that he was ashamed to work in an industry that no longer pays enough attention to quality due to lack of time. So Kilian Hennessy designed a bottle and placed it in a satin-lined one, decorated the gift box and then had to convince the suppliers that the work was worth it. But even his first collection of Kilian products, which he launched in Printemps in Paris and in New York's Bergdorf , was sold out within a few days. The stalls were only refilled after two months. The high-quality flacons and the fascinating content of Kilian products can be bought cheaply in the online shop.

Beyond fragrances

In addition to the perfumes, other Kilian products such as perfumed soaps, shower gels, body lotions, candles and lipstick provide new fragrance experiences. At Kilian, outstanding quality and exclusive luxury come first. With the right perfume, every woman and every man can lift the mood, feel stronger, more attractive and more secure. Kilian gives its customers the opportunity to combine extraordinary moments with exquisite fragrances . The selection of elegant, exclusive and sensual perfumes meet the taste of many women and men who dare to stand out from the crowd. Anyone who loves unusual, distinctive fragrances should buy Kilian products.


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