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Guerlain - elegant perfumes, high-quality care products and classy make-up

Guerlain - elegant perfumes, high-quality care products and classy make-up

Guerlain is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world. Some Guerlain perfumes are true classics . The most famous fragrances include Jicky from 1889 and Shalimar from 1925. Both are still in production today. Guerlain has launched over 300 successful perfumes over the course of its corporate history This immense wealth of experience is one reason why Guerlain perfumes are so exceptional. But the company does not want to rest on its olfactory laurels.

In addition to exquisite perfumes, Guerlain products also include first-class skin care products and a line of make-up that aims to reveal the beauty of women. Because the woman as a symbol of beauty and a source of inspiration is at the center of Guerlain. From the beginning, the love for the beautiful has determined the creations of the luxury brand. Guerlain products are always useful, but their real value lies in the emotions and pleasant surprises they evoke. Women who want to feel this magic should buy Guerlain products online.

Almost 200 years of company experience in cosmetics and perfume

Guerlain's roots go back to 1828. The then 30-year-old chemist, researcher, perfumer and vinegar maker Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain founded a perfume shop on Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Within 25 years he managed to advance his skills and the reputation of his perfume art to such an extent that he was appointed royal court perfumer of France . That was the culmination of his career. Guerlain learned the prerequisites for this success well in advance.

As the son of a spice dealer, Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain got to know the world of fragrances early on. After disagreements with his father, he left the family at the age of 19 to start his own business . The upheavals after the French Revolution gave young entrepreneurs good opportunities. At first he worked as a traveling salesman for a perfumer. There he learned how important it is to pay attention to the quality of the products , to the packaging and to dealing with customers. During these years Guerlain's guiding principle emerged: only conscientious quality remains successful in the long term.

While studying chemistry in England , Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain learned how to make soap and how to extract herbs and flowers. At the time, England was considered the country of the best perfumers. Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain wanted to change this predominance and opened his own shop in Paris , for which he increasingly manufactured products himself. Guerlain products still carry this ingenuity today. Some popular Guerlain products are described below.

Mon Guerlain is the perfume for strong, sensual women

The new women's perfume from Guerlain symbolizes modern femininity . This perfume gives expression to strong women who make their decisions independently and live their dreams with exquisite scents. In the top note, Calabrian bergamot and Carla Lavender from Provence exude joie de vivre and determination . In the heart note, Sambac Jasmin from India depicts the sensual side of women . In the base note, the soft vanilla from Papua New Guinea and the white sandalwood from Australia contrast with fresh notes. The depth and sensitivity of the base notes are a woman's strengththat always mysteriously accompany them. The combination of fresh and oriental fragrances makes Mon Guerlain the ideal companion for day and night. The lavender smells delicate and soft, as if a gentle breeze were blowing over a lavender field. The powdery vanilla unfolds its sweetness quickly and caresses the wonderful jasmine, creating a feeling of warmth and security.

Meteorites Puderperlen

This loose powder is pressed into small pearls that can be perfectly dosed. The different colors of the pearls give the skin an incomparable, even shine, cover redness and catch the light. The complexion looks youthful, smooth and flawless. In addition to these excellent properties, the wonderful violet scent of the pearls is almost addicting. Those who can control themselves will enjoy this powder for a long time, because it is very economical . The powder comes in three different tones for light, medium and dark skin. Many other Guerlain products are available online. Just like the Météorites powder pearls, each of the valuable Guerlain products has a little secret to discover.

Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil

The ingredients of this extremely exclusive oil are truly regal: pure honey from the black bee from the pesticide-free island of Ouessant in Brittany and the GUERLAIN royal jelly . This is only intended for feeding the queen in the beehive. It contains high levels of lipids, vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins. In conjunction with myrrh oil, this anti-aging oil provides all the ingredients necessary to stop skin aging . The Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil plumps up the skin, makes it more elastic and smooths wrinkles. The skin takes on a youthful radiance after just a few applicationsTwo to three drops of this extraordinary oil are enough for one application. The chief perfumer at Guerlain, Thierry Wasser, created the light and fresh scent of honey nectar, which pampers the senses and immediately exudes balance. The Abeille Royale range offers Guerlain products that are inexpensive for anti-aging care. The healing power of bee products has been known for thousands of years. In innovative cosmetic formulations, they now deliver outstanding results in Guerlain's anti-aging care products.

Angelina Jolie als Muse des Parfumeurs

Angelina Jolie inspired Thierry Wasser , the head perfumer of Guerlain, to create Mon Guerlain. The perfume is intended to express the "scent notes of a woman" and to reflect the dreams, decisions and feelings of a modern woman. With this in mind, the commercial is called "Notes of a Woman" . It shows the actress in a house in Provence. There the Carla lavender grows, which makes the perfume so unique. This is a rare variety of lavenderwith excellent fragrance properties. The grace and elegance that Angelina Jolie embodies in the film can be found in the filigree perfume art of Mon Guerlain. Like all other perfumes from Guerlain, it meets the highest requirements for shelf life and sillage. For Angelina Jolie, the Guerlain brand is associated with memories of her mother Marcheline Bertrand , who used a Guerlain powder. Jolie donated the fee for the commercial to a charity.

Quality in every aspect of the products

Guerlain products pamper skin and senses with the finest substances and exclusive fragrances. If you want perfumes, care products and make-up of selected quality, you should buy Guerlain products. Many of the products are luxuries that lead to wellbeing and happiness. The design of the packaging at Guerlain plays an important role. The flacons, vials and sleeves designed down to the last detail reflect the high standards of this traditional company. This external beauty also contributes to the particular preciousness of Guerlain products. Lovers of the prestigious Guerlain brand can buy cheap products in the online shop.


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