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Fragrances by Jean Paul Gaultier: Perfumes for eternity

Fragrances by Jean Paul Gaultier: Perfumes for eternity

The French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier is the founder of the fashion company of the same name. Almost still a boy, Gaultier began sending his fashion sketches to famous fashion designers. Pierre Cardin was so enthusiastic about the skills of the young Gaultier that he hired him as an assistant in 1970. From 1971 Gaultier worked in the haute couture house as an assistant to Michael Goma, Jean Patou's chief designer. Without ever having had a classical education, the now world-famous designer presented his first own collection just five years later.

In 1978 the fashion designer founded Jean Paul Gaultier SA. Gaultier has been creating haute couture collections since 1997. The fashion designer continued to show pret-a-porter collections for women and men that bore incomparably Gaultier's design language until 2014. From 2006 Gaultier presented a unisex line that was called Gaultier² (Gaultier Square) and was actually a men's line. In addition to children's fashion and secondary lines for young people, Gaultier showed numerous accessories for women. Glasses, leather goods and jewelery all bore the unmistakable style of the exalted designer.

At the end of 2014, Gaultier announced that he was giving up the pre-a-porter division and would only concentrate on haute couture and perfumes. The style of the enfant terrible: unusual, eye-catching and far removed from the mainstream, the famous designer showed himself from the start. For this reason, Gaultier was nicknamed "Enfant Terrible" at the beginning of his career Fashion and collections were not just presented, but staged as a happening. The models were overweight, tattooed and pierced and showed the unconventional look that ran through the collections.

The typical trademark is the white long-sleeved T-shirt with blue narrow horizontal stripes in a marine look. The creations are derived from pop culture and everyday clothing, and Gaultier's haute couture is both playful and formal.

Already knew?

It was Gaultier who helped men get skirts and made them popular. The fashion designer has designed numerous costumes for famous films. Among them were blockbusters like "The Fifth Element" (Luc Bessons) "or the fantasy film " The City of Lost Children " (Jean-Pierre Jeunet).

In 2008, Gaultier created the clothes that Australian pop star Kylie Minogue wore on her show. Gaultier designed the outfits for Madonna and Johnny Hallyday for several tours. In 2016, Gaultier furnished the revue "The one" in Berlin's Friedrichstadt-Palast with spectacular and imaginative costumes.

Entry into the world of fragrances

A Jean Paul Gaultier perfume is never inconspicuous or subtle. Rather, a perfume exudes the uniqueness of the fashion designer and impresses with unmistakable compositions that, once heard, will always be remembered. Anyone who wants to buy a Jean Paul Gaultier perfume knows that this fragrance is timeless and yet modern.

The world of Gaultier fragrances has been generous, creative, positive, eclectic, elegant, irreverent, sensual and generous at the same time for 40 years. The first Jean Paul Gaultier perfume is more than a fragrance, because it envelops the body in a sensual aura and gives it a second skin. The first perfume for women bore the name of the eccentric designer and has delighted the senses since 1993. The Jean Paul Gaultier perfume was a classic almost from the start and still seduces women and men today. The classic comes in a bottle specially designed by Gaultier.

The bottle: a classic in itself

The bottle of the classic fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier awakens the feminine side of women to new life. The corset his grandmother inspired the designer who not only enriched his collections with the typical form, but also paid homage to his grandmother. The bottle is of high quality and if you hold it in your hands, you can guess what sensuality is hidden inside. Online you can find the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume cheap. One thing is never a perfume from the pen of the French designer: simple and ordinary. You can always smell the special elegance that takes you into the realm of magic from the interplay of ingredients.

Jean Paul Paultier Parfum Classique : The Jean Paul Gaultier Parfum Women impresses with its subtle sweetness and floral freshness . Spicy anise joins notes of roses. Amber and vanilla provide sensual seduction, with the play of sensitivity and intensity refreshing the senses. Today, the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume is nicknamed "Classique" and has lost none of its incomparable appeal. If you want to buy the classic Jean Paul Gaultier perfume cheaply, you will find interesting offers online.

The Jean Paul Gaultier Parfum Classique pays homage to women and combines the opposites in a flowery-oriental fragrance that is nevertheless intense and fresh. Sprayed directly on the skin, the perfume pampers the neck and décolleté and remains in its development over the long term. Jean Paul Parfum Classique Men. The fashion designer delivered the counterpart to the Jean Paul perfume for women in 1995 with Le Male. The perfumer Francis Kurkdjin gave the world a classic Jean Paul Gautier fragrance with this perfume for men.

This men's fragrance exudes pure sensuality and lust. Sweet spicy scents such as vanilla, cinnamon and tonka bean rely on external impact and are simply irresistible for the opposite sex. Le Male enchants with top notes, heart notes and base notes that harmonize perfectly. - Top note: mint, lavender, cardamom, tarragon, bergamot - Heart note: cinnamon, neroli, caraway - base note; Cedarwood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Amber. Good to know A Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance impresses not only with its particular attractiveness, but also with its above-average sillage and durability.

You can not only buy the Jean Paul Gaultier Parfum cheaply online, but also other care products such as body lotion , eau de toilette or shower gelSets with add-ons that make the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume cheaper online are particularly interesting. The Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance is always incomparable and remains like a sensual memory. A new Jean Paul Gaultier perfume is like a new awakening that makes you want more and inspires the senses. Again and again the market shows perfume sets that consist of the perfume and an additive like body lotion. The encore is usually free of charge and can be used perfectly to wrap yourself completely in the Gaultier fragrance and to immerse yourself in the extravagant world of Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance. The entire range of Jean Paul Gaultier Parfum products can be bought online.


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