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An Armani perfume - elegance instead of pathos

An Armani perfume - elegance instead of pathos

Giorgio Armani perfume stands for elegance without pathos, which always exude sensuality. The signature of the world-famous designer runs through the collections and is perfected in the incomparable Armani perfume. The numerous fragrance creations show classics and, depending on the season, limited editions and different editions. There are always selected fragrances for women and men that exude an unmistakably elegant aura . A fragrance from Giorgio Armani is always confident, elegant, classic and modern at the same time.

An Armani perfume stands for individuality that stands out from the mainstream and offers a fascinating composition of noble ingredients. Whether sensual, opulently flowery, aquatic or spicy. The extensive fragrance collection from Armani Parfum impresses with the perfect interplay of valuable ingredients and always exudes a touch of noblesse . This article reports on Armani's perfumes and provides interesting information about the designer's incomparable world of fragrances.

Timeless classic meets modern

The Giorgio Armani label was launched in 1974. The designer's collections offer timeless elegance and impress with the smallest details. Just a few years after the company was founded, the label was known beyond the borders of Italy. Members of high society and Hollywood greats love the brand and made it world famous. Giorgio Armani was often one step ahead of his time. Instead of mainstream and mediocrity, the designer relied on high quality, which is evident in the clothing, accessories and every Armani perfume.

The name is an omen: Das Parfum Armstrong

The first Armani perfume came on the market in 1982, carried the simple name Armani and is still a classic today that easily survives the time. The name is simple understatement that confidently and unobtrusively finds its way out of the crowd. The first fragrance emerged from a cooperation with L'Oréal and at the time was the most successful Armani perfume worldwide.

The luxury label combines intense emotionality with style-conscious simplicity. The Armani perfume was the beginning of a series of precious creations that show and are aware of the art of the perfumer. A Giorgio Armani perfume underlines the personality, sets accents and envelops the wearer luxuriously but always calmly. An Armani perfume has a lasting effect, is individual and timeless . The fashion designer is often described as "the greatest fashion designer of all time".

Already knew?

Giorgio Armani controls everything himself in his company. Only a few close family members are given an insight into the company's processes. Basically, the company started from failure. Armani started as a window dresser after dropping out of medicine. This was the first time he came into contact with the fashion world, which has been his passion ever since Tip from Armani: If an Armani perfume is used over a long period of time, it seems that you are no longer able to perceive the fragrance properly. Armani shows a simple trick and recommends only applying the appropriate body lotion in between instead of the fragrance or using the shower gel.

Armani Mania

The Armani cosmetics line was founded in 2000. A perfect example of the longevity of Armani Parfum's exclusive fragrances is Armani Mania, launched in 2004. With Armani Mania for Women (Mania Femme) and Armani Mania for Men, the perfume perfectly portrays the label's typical elegance . Mania stands for obsession. On the one hand, the name of the goddess pays homage to Greek mythology, who bears the same name. On the other hand, the attribute "manic" is called, which represents the claim of the makers to create a special fragrance. Manic is also the perfect name for the fashion designer Giorgio Armani, who controls and monitors everything meticulously. No distance, effort or expense was too great for this concern.

Armani Mania for Women (Mania Femme)

Armani Femme is one of the label's favorite children and offers a sophisticated composition of additives. This Giorgio Armani perfume for women impresses with its fresh and flowery notes, which are spicy underlined. The aromatic woody composition of iris, Mediterranean magnolia, valuable laurel from Morocco and a piquant seasoning of pink pepper ensures an intensely fresh scent. The woody-aromatic-floral compositionis the expression of a self-confident personality who neither cares about clichés nor fits into a corset. The scent always remains: in lasting memories. The slim and flowing flacon impresses with pure elegance and purity, which is an eye-catcher. The red-gold tone of the perfume and the silver lid work together through stylish simplicity.

The smell

Base note: musk, sandalwood, amber and sweet vanilla

Heart note: magnolia, iris, peonies and lily of the valley

Top note: saffron and tangerine

The perfume is also available as an eau de toilette spray.

Mania for Men (Mania Homme)

The male counterpart, Mania Homme, has spicy and fresh essences, making it a reliable companion for everyday life. With the fragrance, Armani shows the fresh masculine mania that inspires women and men alike. Noble ingredients such as saffron and vetiver seduce, convince and join exclusive woods. Armani Mania is like the designer. Armani's perfume does something, works against the current, just follows its own trend and goes its own way. The clear men's fragrance underlines masculinity and still does not allow itself to be overpowering. This Giorgio Armani perfume is one of the classics that are pleasantly present for a long time in every season and never go out of style.

Armani Flowers and Armani Books

The company shows its love for flowers and extraordinary fragrances with Armani Fiori. In selected boutiques, roses, hydrangeas and peonies from Holland are mainly sold. The selected repertoire also includes exclusive home accessories such as candles, flower pots, vases, lanterns and flower arrangements. It is interesting that also tropical plants and flowersused to arrange the ornate flower arrangements. The vases come in the shapes of rhombus, cube and cylinder and are made of lacquered tropical wood, alabaster or black marble. The products of the Armani Fiori line are available for events, weddings, openings, offices and lobbies. The company cooperates with Manzoni 31 for Armani Libri book publishing and accessories sales. In Germany there is only one Armani Libri store, which is located in Munich.

World of simple exclusivity

You never find one at Armani. Excited and intrusive presence. An Armani perfume, fashion and other business areas have their own typical Armani code . Under the Giorgio Armani Beauty division, Armani, together with L'Oréal, has launched numerous fragrances for women and men on the market that are still present and sought-after. Style and understatement prevail and show that class knows no time.


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