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A Narciso Rodriguez perfume - fresh, fruity, timeless

A Narciso Rodriguez perfume - fresh, fruity, timeless

The fragrance creations of the New York designer Narciso Rodriguez are unique. Clear in structure and sensual in effect. The women's and men's fragrances offer a very special seduction . Fragrance lovers who buy a sensual seduction from Narciso Rodriguez will also want to get to know all the other fragrance series. The bottles are designed as straight and clear as the fragrances. Anyone who expects flourishes and bows when buying a Narciso Rodriguez will be disappointed. Narciso Rodriguez stands for timeless elegance and classic in modern times.

The American designer Narciso Rodriguez worked for Cerruti, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein in his early days until he achieved his worldwide breakthrough in 1996 with the design for Carolyn Bessete-Kennedy's wedding dress. He then received the Perry Ellis Young Talent Award in 1998. Three years later, the Narciso Rodriguez company relocated to New York City. Narciso Rodriguez Parfum buy Sarah Jessica Parker, Sônia Braga, Rachel Weisz, Salma Hayek and Claire Danes, among others. Furthermore, Narciso Rodriguez also designs carpets, wedding dresses, work clothing for the catering trade and fur fashion.

Uncomplicated and convincing are not only the designer's fragrances, but also the fashion . He skilfully combines all styles that have shaped him. He does not want to hide his Latin American roots and also works with European and American influences. Since 2003 women can enjoy the fragrances of Narciso Rodriguez. First he launched the successful For Her fragrance together with the Japanese cosmetics manufacturer Beauté Prestige (Shiseido) .

Since the fragrance was very successful, the men's fragrance For Him followed in 2007 as a counterpart to the successful fragrance For Her. Narciso Rodriguez was born in 1961 and is known worldwide as a well-known American designer of Cuban origin. His unique style is appreciated worldwide, including by Michelle Obama . Fragrances from Narciso Rodriguez are bought by women and men who love clear elegance and do not want to appear obtrusive.

For Him: First men's fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez from 2007. The perfumer who created the woody-spicy fragrance was Francis Kurkdjian . The top note consists of violet, pink pepper and lavender, the heart note of musk and the base note combines patchouli and amber.

For Him Musc Collection : In 2009 the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian developed the For Him Musc Collection for Narciso Rodriguez, which convinces with a flowery bouquet . The fragrance accords include iris, red berries and musk.

For Him Bleu Noir : In 2015 , the woody, spicy fragrance was released, developed by perfumers Sonia Constant and Givaudan. They combined nutmeg and cardamom in the top note, musk as the heart note and vetiver, blue cedar and ebony in the base note.

Musc for Him : The fragrance also comes from the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and has been available in stores since 2007 . It is a variant of "For Him" ??and offers differentiations in the concentration of fragrances. The top note combines violets, lavender and pink pepper, musk as the heart note, patchouli and amber as the base note.

For Her : The first Narciso Rodriguez Perfume Women came on the market in 2003 , it was developed by the perfumers Christine Nagel , Francis Kurkdjian . The powdery, floral fragrance has found many followers to this day who like to buy it online. The top note combines osmanthus, orange blossom and bergamot, the heart note musk and amber and the base note patchouli, vetiver and vanilla.

Narciso : The fragrance Narciso was released in 2014 and comes from the perfumer Aurélien Guichard . The fragrance accords of the top note consist of rose and gardenia, the middle note of amber and musk, and the base note of black cedar, white cedar and vetiver.

Essence : In 2009 the perfumer Alberto Morillas created the powdery-fresh fragrance Essence. It contains the scent notes of rose, iris and musk. For Her Musc Collection: In 2009 the powdery-floral fragrance made of ylang-ylang, jasmine and orange blossom (top note), amber and musc (heart note) and woody notes, honey, vanilla and vetiver (base note) appeared.

Essence Eau de Musc : Essence Eau de Musc is a fresh, powdery fragrance from 2011 that the perfumer Alberto Morillas developed. It combined citrus notes, spices and bergamot in the top note, the scents of iris and flowers in the middle note, the base note smells of white musk and powder.

For Her L'Eau : A composition by the perfumer Aurélien Guichard from 2013 is For Her L'Eau. The fresh, floral scent convinces in the top note with pink peony, cyclamen and jasmine, in the heart note with amber, lily of the valley and rose, and in the base note with patchouli and musk.

For Her L'Absolu : The fragrance was also developed in 2015 by the perfumer Aurélien Guichard . The powdery-sweet fragrance accords are composed of jasmine absolute (top note), musk (heart note) and sandalwood, patchouli and amber in the base note.

For Her Amber Musc : As a long-lasting and oriental-sweet fragrance , For Her Amber Musc from 2013 is known. The top note consists of musk and orange blossom, the middle note of leather, oud and black patchouli, the base note of amber, vanilla and incense.

Musc for Her : In 2007 the perfumers Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian developed the fragrance Musc for Her, which lasts longer than average. In the variation of the fragrance "For Her", the top note combines osmanthus, orange blossom and bergamot, the heart note musk and amber and the base note patchouli, vanilla and vetiver.

For Her Délicate : This is a floral-fruity fragrance by the perfumer Aurélien Guichard from 2012 . The top note contains the scents of orange blossom and bergamot, the heart note combines vanilla, fig and cardamom, and the base note white musk, vetiver and amber.

Rose Musc : A woody-flowery passion from 2016 is Rose Musc. The top note attracts with rose absolute from Morocco, the heart note with musk, and the base note with black woods, black pepper and saffron.

For Her Iridescent : In 2010 the perfumers Francis Kurkdjian and Christine Nagel developed the powdery-floral fragrance For Her Iridescent, which contains the scent chords of honey flower, woody notes, amber, musk, orange blossom, vanilla, osmanthus and vetiver. Narciso Rodriguez perfume, and the secret of its success Classic elements and clear lines can be found not only in the American designer's fashion, but also in his fragrances.

Fragrance lovers are happy to be able to buy Narciso Rodriguez Parfum online at a particularly low price, which is filled in stylish, but very simple, angular bottles that differ only in size and color. The Musc and Essence fragrances are offered in shops in slightly more rounded bottles , which have a silvery or iridescent shimmer depending on the edition. Again and again, perfume lovers can buy limited fragrance variants of Narciso Rodriguez Parfum, which are only available in stores for a limited time. The shapely designer flacons have long been a popular collector's item.

Fragrance lovers who prefer something special can buy Narciso Rodriguez Parfum cheaply online. The designer succeeds in what many others only dream of. He manages to pair simple elegance with sensuality and romance. This creates fragrance variations that not only enchant the user, but also their company. The fragrances are an enrichment for every occasion. The compositions are so unique that they smell a little different for each user and always achieve an individual charisma. As modern as the fragrances are interpreted, they were mixed in a classic and traditional way.


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